School Visits

Joy can visit your school, library or organization!

As an author and illustrator of over thirty books for children, Joy offers lively and interactive programs for grades K to 6 that highlight writing, illustration and Jewish holidays. Programs include “A Writer’s Life”¬†which shares Joy’s journey to published author and illustrator; “Writing Workshops” that help students explore the craft of writing using hands-on writing activities; “The Picture Person” which discusses the role of the illustrator and “Jewish Books for Kids” that highlights Jewish holidays, family and ancient Israel. Choose one or any combination of programs that suit your needs. Virtual programs available, too!

Contact Joy for information detailing her programs.

Fees: $200.00 for individual programs; $600 for half-day visits, two presentations, up to one hour each; $1000 for full day visits, up to four presentations of one hour each; plus travel expenses over 50 miles from Acton, MA. $150 for virtual chats via Google Meet or Zoom for thirty minutes to an hour.

For more information on making author visits successful, visit: How to Ensure A Terrific Visit


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